By Shannon O’Keefe

Walking canes are just one of several devices available to women who need an extra support when walking. Using one of these devices improves balance by increasing an individual’s base of support. When a cane is used correctly it can unload the pressure from the leg opposite to the hand the cane is in by up 25%. For women who are looking to purchase one it can be difficult to choose the right one for their specific needs which includes a comfortable grip, the fit of the cane, and the tips or rubber bottoms of the product. Choosing a grip generally does not matter, but for women who have arthritis joint pains in their hands this could be another focal point when choosing the right cane along with the fit of the device. The rubber bottoms on every cane can be bought and replaced at most pharmacies or medical supply stores. Numerous varieties of walking canes for women are sold on the market today each one providing a different balance support. The main difference between the walking canes sold for women over men is the diverse intricate stylish designs available for purchase, while men’s walking canes are usually simple and to-the-point. There are several walking canes available for women to use which are the C, functional grip, quad, and folding canes. Each of these provides a slightly different amount of support assistance. Take a look at the differences between these walking canes for women that are available on the market today.

The C Canes

This is a single straight walking cane that has a curve forming a handle at its top. This is the simplest form of all the walking canes. It can assist in improving balance simply by the curve design it has. The C cane is normally used by women who need just a slight assistance with balance or keep minimal weight on the opposite leg.

Functional Grip Canes
A similar device like the C cane that has a different handle design, the functional grip cane has a straight grip rather than a smooth curve. This design gives better control of the cane and provides more support than a regular C cane. The functional grip is recommended for women who need more balance support for their opposite leg.

Quad Canes

A device that provides the maximum support for any women that need a walking cane, the quad has a rectangle base and four small bars that contact the floor. The base design assures more support than the two devices above. There are two versions of the quad cane, small base and large base that women can choose from. This device is mostly recommended for women who have paresis or hemiplegia.


Folding Canes

One of the more intricate support devices for women, the folding cane is height adjustable or can be adjusted for fitting in small spaces. Some of these folding canes have a durable stretch rope inside the tubing to allow the device to become collapsible.

A few other things that differ from women’s walking canes to men’s are the materials used to make the devices. Although wood has been the main material used to make walking canes, it has since been improved with other usable solid substances. Men’s canes are usually made from carbon fiber or acrylic to give it a more standard design while women’s are made from aluminum to allow the device to be designed more intricately and provide a lighter weight.

Plus aluminum is weather resistant for different environments and conditions making it a more popular material for women to use if they are on the go. The canes that are made out of aluminum available for purchase usually are designed with patterns and unique graphic arts to make each device be personable for women to use. A number of these aluminum canes can be purchased from online stores like Some of the popular brands that specifically make aluminum canes on that have elaborate artworks on it are Duro-Med and Royal Canes. Both brands offer women a variety of different style canes along with the different types of the devices mentioned earlier: functional, c, quad, and folding.